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At Revel Art, we take pride in representing an elite ensemble of creative specialists, including world-renowned artists who are the ideal partners for brand collaborations, mural projects, and bespoke event curations. Our portfolio features a diverse array of artists, each bringing their unique style and vision to elevate your project.


Collaborate with any of our featured artists to tap into a wealth of shared networks and years of industry expertise. Our commitment extends beyond mere artistic creation; we focus on comprehensive marketing and promotional efforts, advocacy, and fostering collaborative endeavors with some of the most acclaimed artists in the industry. Our goal is to develop unique and captivating visual experiences, tailor-made for your upcoming project.


Leverage the talents of our curated Revel Art Artists to bring a distinct and impactful artistic vision to life, ensuring your project stands out with its innovative and creative flair.



Alec Monopoly, whose real name remains a well-kept secret, is a renowned street artist originally from New York City, now based in Los Angeles. Gaining fame for his satirical spin on the Monopoly man, a character inspired by the classic board game, his work often critiques the capitalist mindset and the excesses of corporate greed. Alec Monopoly's art is characterized by vibrant, playful imagery, often featuring other iconic characters as well, but it's the Monopoly man that remains his signature motif.

His rise to prominence began in the late 2000s, and since then, he has become a staple in the contemporary street art scene. Monopoly's work extends beyond street murals; he has also made a mark in the gallery scene and has collaborated with several high-profile brands, bringing his unique, colorful style to a broader audience. Despite his growing fame, Alec Monopoly maintains a level of anonymity, often appearing in public with his face covered, which adds an intriguing layer of mystery to his persona and his art.



Rhymezlikedimez, also known as Robin Velghe, is a rising artist and illustrator known for his distinctive and vibrant style. Originating from Belgium, Velghe has quickly gained international recognition for his unique approach to visual storytelling, which often blends elements of music, pop culture, and personal experiences.

Despite being relatively new to the art scene, Rhymezlikedimez's talent has rapidly propelled him to prominence, making him one of the exciting emerging artists to watch in the contemporary art world. His ability to connect visual art and music has not only garnered him a significant following on social media but also established him as a fresh and innovative voice in modern illustration.



Gustavo Oviedo, also known as 131, is a Miami-based artist recognized for his distinctive approach to urban and marine art. Born in Paris and raised between Colombia, Venezuela, and the United States, Oviedo's diverse cultural background deeply influences his artistic expression. His moniker, 131, reflects his interest in numerology and often appears as a signature element in his works.

His work spans a variety of mediums, including murals, installations, and canvas paintings. Oviedo has been a significant contributor to Miami's vibrant art scene, with his work not only displayed in local galleries and public spaces but also recognized in the wider art community. His unique approach to combining street art techniques with natural motifs has made him a standout figure in contemporary art, particularly among those artists who seek to bring attention to environmental themes through their work.




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