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Joe, owner of JG Ventures, has lived a unique life with a lustrous career in multiple paths. He has self identified as what he likes to call, "The Creative Engineer." Taking the logical, and creative sides of the brain, and incorporating them into complex projects. This is a brief timeline of Joe's multi-careered path. 


(1986 - 2005)
Joe is a former 7 time National champion & Olympic hopeful for the US team in artist / figure skating. Joe earned his place in the Figure Skating community of being the "music man." Creating countless World & Olympic winning Figure Skating programs for the who's who of the industry.

ice skating gifs-high.gif

(5-25 Years Old)At the young age of 17, Joe's first winning Figure Skating program was for client Ilia Kulik,  of which he created the programs for his 1998 Nagano Olympic win.  This career defining moment set Joe on a path to blend his passion for music production & performing arts.  The majority of high level coaches and skaters hired Joe to help bring his unique blend of musical composition and complex skating experience, a combination very few could do. 

ice skating gifs-high (1).gif

Joe continues to consult his client base in the skating community, after amassing a list of who's who winning programs. The short list reads of almost all Olympic champions over 2 decades.

The short list of clients is:
Michelle Kwan, Sasha Cohen, Ilia Kulik, Johnny Weir, Evgeni Plushenko, Oksana Baiul, Alexei Yagudin, Shizuka Arakawa, Kim Yuna, Elena Berezhnaya & Anton Sikharulidze, Oksana Kazakova & Artur Dmitriev, Tatiana Totmianina & Maxim Marinin, Shen Xue & Zhao Hongbo, and many more

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katie beriau & joe gazzola2.JPG
2005nat_0114 201_jpg.JPG


(2005 - 2008)
After retiring from Competitive in Figure Skating, Joe  opened up a media company called Niche Downtown.  It's forward facing platform was a tangible luxury print magazine that showcased the photojournalism of the city in which it was distributed. The concept was an overnight success and acted as a gateway for Joe to build a high end advertisement client base that also needed media & online solutions in the form of web design & video and photography.  Joe has created countless client websites, ad material, digital assets,  and branding solutions.  The main portion of the media business was Niche Magazine. Thie magazine featured over 110 of high gloss, panoramic ratio in a ultra glossy season print. The magazine was created for Hartford & New Haven CT, with a seasonal distribution for 3 years in Hartford, and expanded for 1 year in New Haven. The location of the business was due to where Joe originally trained for Figure Skating in CT and  where he built his first house and resided at the time. 

Niche Magazine Print.jpg

Niche Magazine was a 50,000 copy seasonal print that acted as a recap of all the exclusive events to do in the city. With it's coffee table style appeal, the magazine's  yearbook aspect created a localized 15min of fame mentality of those featured in it, thus ensuring the localites would market the platform organically without requiring an advertising budget. Joe already had an army of media specialists from photographers, to videographers, who was hired to shoot events and client requirements. The media highlight reel was displayed in the magazine while the rest of the digital assets was downloadable for free via Niche' website. The website acted as a datafarm for contact information, thus allowing Joe to promote events focused around the brand. 

Niche Magazine 2007-2008 Editions.jpg

The main goal of Niche Magazine was to go against the grain at the time that "print was dead." Joe decided, while everyone was migrating to digital, a world in which he already was versed in, it was a perfect time to create a unique print that would feature the lux side of it's geographical location.


Niche Media was a full spectrum service, providing print, web, photo, and video services. Eventually this business would transition into future business partnerships and the development of 5th & Ocean Productions, Dancestar Music Awards, and Successful Youtube channel, A3 Network, plus many more. View some of the pages and events from Niche Magazine gallery below. 


nvc b1x1.jpg

(2008 - 2017)
During the Niche business days, Joe had the luxury of booking a DJ named Tim Bonito for his magazine launch party on Halloween of 2008. This sparked a relationship that would lead onto creating one of the largest concert/nightlife companies in the North East. Tim needed a partner who was versed in the event industry to help him book talent and promote events. Joe's experience throwing events for his magazine and media company was a perfect fit. The two went on to develop NV Concepts.

Watch NV Concepts promo, narrated and edited by Joe.

NV Concepts broke it's 1,000 show with over half a million tickets sold by year 4. Today, NV Concepts continues to consult for some of the largest hospitality groups in the US, with now millions of tickets sold and countless acts booked under its belt.


NV Concepts broke it's 1,000 show with over half a million tickets sold by year 4. Today, NV Concepts continues to consult for some of the largest hospitality groups in the US, with now millions of tickets sold and countless acts booked under its belt.

Here is some of the shows NV Concepts has put on over the years.


DC 2.png

Since Joe's early interest in music production during his skating years, he decided in 2010, to expand on his passion for music by inventing his anonymous alter ego "DSK CHK" (Pronounced Disk Check). This super hero hacker DJ character was instantly received, and granted bookings at some of the World's most iconic venues.  Eventually DSK CHK went on to sell out hard ticket rooms and arenas alike. To this day Joe does not post his personal image on any public platform such as social media, as he is devoted to keeping anonymous through the veil of his character.

0 best dc gif.gif
DSK CHK - Heaven & Performance Demo-high.gif
pfg2-high (3).gif
DSK CHK - Heaven & Performance Demo-high (1).gif
DSK CHK Presents ADM at PRIME _ Boston _ Sat Dec 7-high.gif
DSK CHK - Heaven & Performance Demo-high (3).gif




Mojave Studios 1x1.jpg

During Joe's Music Career, he moved to Las Vegas to invest in developing Mojave Studios, the largest commercial film studio in Las Vegas.  The studio featuring 5 sounds stages in a 156,000 sqft compound on 75. acres near downtown Las Vegas. 

Mojave Studios - Overhead Layout 2020.jpg

Mojave Studios quickly became home of many commercial music videos, network tv, and global major broadcast brands. Joe has sanctioned hundreds of projects in and out of the studio, acting both as consult, executive producer, and Director at times.  

Please watch Mojave Studios reel below

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Below is a list of Joe's current business ventures. All brands and websites were created by Joe as an example of proof of work. This page represents career highlights, many other ventures and partnerships were redacted to shorten this presentation. Additional references can be requested at anytime.  


Joe's highlighted client list.


Expedia Group

Ralph Lauren
Bacardi USA
Moet Hennessy
MGM Grand
Wynn / Encore
Cirque Du Soleil
Carnival Cruise Line
Princess Cruises
Paul Mitchell
Patriot Place





Travel Channel

Food Network



Patriots (NFL)

Raiders (NFL)

Chargers (NFL)

Mariners (MLB)


Bad Bunny

J Balvin

Jay Cortez

Jennifer Lopez

Marc Anthony


Slip Knot




Swedish House Mafia

Vera Wang

Guy Fieri


Live Nation


Tao Group
Insomniac Events
Big Night Ent Group
Whet Travel
NV Concepts
Mojave Studios
Wharton College
Bright Line
Groove Cruise
Salsa Cruise
Ultra Music Festival

Electric Daisy Carnival

Team Enterprise
1AM Radio
Paradise Challenge

Vibee Events

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